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guys, it’s Nick Here. I am the one behind of this blog. The reason why I created this, was my passion of spreading my information and talking online with people for different subjects and the most important: the ways of making money online or creating a profitable business online.

have called this site: Verve Magg : Blog/Media Website and it contains free information with the most problematic topics, with the hope, not only to give the readers what they want, but in the same time to entertain them and make them part of this wonderful site.

As a guy with passion in rock, Metallica and in band “THE VERVE”, I decided to give my blog a name related to it, so for that it is called “Verve Magg”. I love to give the people  the verve, the energy and the hope that someone is hearing they needs, so they can be part of my blog, my community, subscribe to the newsletter and learning what others can’t.

If knowledge is power, then learning is your VERVE Superpower!!!

It took me months of work and commitment to create this site and finally I’m happy to spread to you my information, my knowledge, my passion and enjoy every single peace of it. I am a guy who believe in GOD as THE ONE who loves us everyday, makes us believe that good things will come, gives us a message and courage to win the victory of life. Let me quote a wonderful phrase:

“When I stand before GOD, at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say: I used everything you gave me.”


If you have faith in every moment of your life and if you trust in the power of GOD, this faith wont let you down. It is wonderful to give to you my talent, but it’s more wonderful to make you part of this and help you create what you love.

The goal of this site is to the share any kind of information: health, business, money, tech, education, travel, creating a blog and THE MOST IMPORTANT focus on monetizing money online, by directing you in every step you must have.

Here is what you will learn besides all:

  • Creating a successful strategy of making money online
  • Start making money online without money or with LOW budget
  • Create your first blog – all the necessary tools you need for that
  • Drive unlimited traffic to your site
  • Maximize your money and withdraw them to your bank account

This topics are the fundamental for your step for start making money online. If you want to make more, make MILLIONS with 100% securely and discover all the possible ways of making money online and all the dark path of the internet, this site offer something special, that also has helped me (Nicholas) to monetize money online.

This site is associated with one of the most POWERFUL SYSTEM of MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

It is called: GOOGLE MONEY SYSTEM X!!!

Google Money System X is an advance generating money system that help everyone, even if you are a beginner or don’t know any technical information knowledge, to create an online business and earn a minimum $1,000 – $2.000 A DAY up to MILLIONS A DAY!!!

In this system you will learn the STRATEGY that will help you create the difference:


But, lets talk a little about me and how I ended up into this system.

A little about me


Me on my Photo-shoot collection

am Nicholas Batey Magg, a guy born in a small town in Arizona, but with grandfather genealogy from UK (the reason why I love to keep and introduce myself with the surname “Magg”). Since I was little I was passionate with books and computer. Within years my passion was grown up until I decided to follow the University for IT in University of Utah.

In 2009 I began specializing for Marketing Degree for 3 year. I remember those years as tough, because I had to concentrate all day in school, I had to live only for school meanwhile I had no enough money even to support myself.

The school is my passion, my love, my life, so I continue it and graduated (with my second degree) with high results. When I first finished school I thought I could do something great by mixing two of my big passions: computer science and marketing. However for that was impossible at that time, because I needed money urgent to live a minimum life.

After start working, for me became more difficult to realize my dream. However I didn’t give up and in the and of 2012 I start googling and experimenting everything online with the hope that one day I could do my own online business.

2013 – I open my first blog and here I became familiar with ClickBank and Google Adsense.

2014 – I start investing more online, writing 7 e-books about making money online, start promoting ClickBank product and get specialized for SEO

2015 – I start working online as a freelancer by writing others blog posts, articles, creating page template HTML and CCS, responsive theme. At the and of the year I created this blog and finally this was the projected that I always had dreamed about: an online marketing mix with IT.

2016 – The site start having millions visitors a month in a short time. At this time I figure out that visitors wanted no more fake ClickBank product with people that shows up with luxury car, houses or extremely amount of bank account. The time was changed. That wanted a seriously company, product or service that really help them making money online.




Up now it is one of The Best SYSTEM of making money online with enormous information, features and a big project for any people. Thanks to this Unique system now I am full owner of 2 powerful blogs with best google rank and one shopping site.

Now I work full time online with my own blogs, and now for the first time I can fully say: I love my life!!

I have time to travel all over the world, enjoy my lifestyle and being able to run my business only from my laptop. You can subscribed it now for more information or join now GOOGLE MONEY SYSTEM X.

If you have any question, please write a comment in every post, and I will help you for any needs you have. LOVE YOU>>>