Almonds are very rich in fatty acids, mono-unsaturated to help lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol to the body.

The most popular health advantages of tonsils are:

1. Caring for your heart too, given that minimize the risk of heart attacks by 50%.

2. avoid constipation, as they are rich in fiber which help the colon cleaned more often and more easily.

3. Assist during pregnancy, due to the content of folic acid, and as a result, minimize the chances of babies with birth defects.

4. Adjust the level of sugar in the blood, due to the potassium content. Furthermore, the sodium content in almonds is low, which is a key component in controlling blood pressure.

5. Assist in weight loss, since about 23 almonds, found only 160 calories. But that’s not all – in consumption this amount of almonds, you also consume 4 g fiber and 6 g protein, which he makes you feel full.

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