Do you want to lose weight fast in a naturally way? We can help you with that. With this tips we will show you how to lose at least 5 kg in a MONTH. Please, we only recommend to you to be very persistent and to follow correctly all this advice of at least one month to see the tremendous results.

  • Drink plenty of water

Water is very good if you want to lose weight. Water has zero calories and carbohydrates, so it is perfect to get slim.  I recommend you to drink 0.5 l to 1.5 l a day. Also every time before you start eating drink a glass of water. It prevents the hunger.


  • Sleep 30 Minutes More a Night

To make a good sleep, it is very necessary to sleep between 6 to 8 hours. To sleep well at night you should not eat at least 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.  Also it is more restful if you sleep 30 minutes more. It makes good to your metabolism, help for a better circulation of blood and better muscle tone.


  • Try not to eat a desired food

Stop eating a desired foot, such as chips, cake, and chocolate or drink coca-cola, can make a huge difference in your life. In this way you lose hundreds of calories, and your body will not notice the absence of this ineffective foods.


  • Drink worm water with lemon

This is one the MOST Powerful diets in all over the world proved by different celebrities. If you really want to lose weight we suggest you to take it seriously drinking lemon water. If you are extremely fat, we recommend you to drink lemon water 3 times a day, after eating. If not, drink it twice a day.

Drink one glass of warm water with one lemon every morning and after lunch. Also, if you see that you are abusing  a little to much on food, drink lemon water and you will not feel the desire of eating.


  • Make physical exercise

You can start by going to the gym. If you are to busy with the work ore you have a lot of kids and don’t have time for the gym, we suggest you to make at least 30 minutes physical exercise at home or aerobic exercises. You can also run every morning for 30 minutes before you go at work, or do whatever sport you like for at least 3 times a week.


  • Wait until your stomach rumbles before you reach for food.

It’s stunning how often we eat out of boredom, nervousness, habit, or frustration—so often, in fact, that many of us have actually forgotten what physical hunger feels like. If you’re hankering for a specific food, it’s probably a craving, not hunger. If you’d eat anything you could get your hands on, chances are you’re truly hungry. Find ways other than eating to express love, tame stress, and relieve boredom.


  • Limit Your Calorie Intake

Losing weight boils down to simple math. To lose one pound weekly, burn or cut out 3,500 calories in the course of seven days. That breaks down to 500 calories per day. It’s difficult to cut out that many by dieting alone, especially for someone who loves to eat. The most effective approach is this combo: each day, cut out 250 calories from your diet and burn 250 through exercise. Choose to either cut out one 250-calorie item such as a serving of ice cream, or omit a few small things that add up to 250 calories a day.


If you follow correctly all this rules, you will create a perfect body, like you never imagine. 🙂