Making money online, while you are resting or sleeping is the big dream for every person. But the question is: is this possible? We say to you: YES. You can make money, from small amount to big amount, all depends on you, on how much you want, and are determined to do it. The key of all of this is:

HOW TO make money ONLINE??

Learning How to make money online is the main problem for everyone. If you search on the internet for this, you will see hundred and hundred sites that write different articles. Yes, you can learn from them, but we suggest to you to clarify if the information is structured and clear.

Everyone has the dream to make some money, to work just a few hours a day, and to start seeing the bank account growing day by day. Well, we may say that YES, this is possible, but all you have to do is to find what is the big trick of all of this.



Here we will some you some AWESOME  ways to start making money online from now.


  1. Sell product online

This is one of the most popular way of making money online. You can make money by selling product online. It might be your product (if you have one) or someone product.

The products can be physic product, digital product, software product or a service. If you have your own product, for example Shirt Collection you can give a try and sell them on ebay, amazon . Or if you want you can open your own online shop and start selling whatever you want. But first we suggest you to sell on ebay or amazon because they are popular sites, so that means that your product will probably be seen by a lot of views. Obviously that you have higher chance to sell your product. There are people who make up to $1000 a month by selling cheap clothes on ebay.

Don’t worry if don’t have a product but you still want to make money. You can start selling other people’s product as an affiliate. For each sales that you make you earn a commission. It is better for you to sell product with high price or product with high conversion rate.

There are several companies that offer this option (selling their products). In most of them you can register free, and also you can start selling them promoting your affiliate link with a video in YouTube, on social media, creating a site, in a blog etc.

Here are the list of the most popular affiliate program on the internet: clickbank, cbengine, Affiliate Scout, Commission Junction, amazon, LinkShare, MaxBounty etc.

2.  Money from YouTube

With YouTube you can make millions and millions if you know how the system works. Making money from YouTube is easier than you think. You can upload a wonderful video, or any kind of video that you want, insert powerful keywords that can make you have high ranking, and link your account with payment program. That’s it! You’re done! You will earn money anytime a person view or click on your video.


3. Money from blogging

Trying to make money from blogging can make you create a living if you take it seriously. The average amount of earning is $1000 up to $ $3000 a month. We believe that it is cool. Imagine to make such a big amount only with few hours a day work. If you wont to make more, you can make more. There are BIG FISHES who make more than $100,000 a month. For that you will need at first create your site. You can create it with a free domain (we don’t suggest you that), or you can buy a domain which it will not cost you more. Here are some of the best company where you can create you domain at a low price and with an excellent service: GoDaddy, HostGator, JustHost, Bluehost etc. Up there you can install your wordpress, start designing your site by uploading a beautiful wordpress theme, posting everyday. The idea of blogging is creating a lot a traffic to your site. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make. To start making money from your blog, you will have to register as a publisher in: google AdSense, taboola, media traffic, BidVertiser etc. These company with give you the code of the banner where you can put it to your site. For every click into this banner you will generate money. We suggest you to register only in official and seriously company as a publisher and not to try other company because they will pay less.

make-money-online (1)


4.  Work as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer is becoming very popular these days. There are a lot of company that offer online job for you as freelancer. We will count only the most popular: freelancer, upwork, elance etc. You can start joining now and work online in everyplace you want. But how it works?? Everyone with a computer and internet can work as a freelancer. Each freelancer has to create their profile with skills, experience and portfolios. After that you will have to search for right job for you, make them an offer and wait to be hired. For example if you are good at writing you can get a writing job and so on. You will be paid after you have done and deliver the work. Out there there are other company that offer micro jobs such as Fiverr (one micro job for $5), Gigs4 (one micro job for $4) etc. You can decide to work in any company you want.


5. Adult Site

Yes that’s right! You can make money online from adult site. To be part of an adult site for making money, it’s a tough decision. However there are a lot of people that prefer this way because it is the most easiest way to earn some extra money or even more and it will not cost you money. Besides current days porn is becoming very popular, so that increase the chance of making money. There are tons of ways of making money in adult site. Most popular are working as an amateur and selling porn video. You can start selling your videos on xtube that has millions of views a day, upload your videos on youporn amateur program and make money for every click or view or boost you money by making webcam show. There are people who make up to $5000 a month by uploading their video. We have heard some wonderful trick from people who don’t want to show themselves on video, so for that they have uploaded other peoples videos but with some modification to create a original one. If you take it seriously you can create your own adult site.


These are 5 ways of making money online. Also there are some illegally way of making money online such as piracy, hacking, but not everyone has the knowledge for that and not everyone is making securely and monthly money from them. For more information of making money online, see our category “Money” or see our tutorial video of making money.

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