One of the most important things you have to know before starting your site is to know how it will look, what design it will be. Believe me: you will not have much audience and you will not have popularity if you don’t choose a Premium wordPress Theme and not some random WordPress Theme that are difficult to use and not so attractive.

There are countless reasons why you have to choose a Premium WordPress and not a random one. A Premium WordPress  is more clean, organized, functional and more beautiful. You can prove this with this theme of this site. We have chosen to bring for the public the best service and for that we operate now with this wonderful Premium Theme that you are looking right now. If you have more question of what kind of WordPress theme we are using you can write a comment below. 🙂

In the following paragraphs you will see 10 most powerful and popular Premium WordPress theme for your site. This is based on peoples review and sales. All these themes are very powerful, easy to customize and full option adapted. If you have more opinion, review or other Premium Theme you are Welcome to comment below.




Sahifa ThemeSahifa is a magazine theme and one of the most versatile themes of the world. It has incredible features, high quality browsing and powerful beauty. I really love Sahifa because it is very clean, nice looking and the most important thing it has visible ads that make you have more ads clicks and convert more.

Sahifa News Theme is a clean, modern, user friendly, fast-loading, customizable, flexible, functional and fully responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Newspaper, and blog Theme.

Sahifa is a modern magazine theme, very attractive and design to work for business or personal purpose. It provides amazing demos with high resolution, clean background. It can be easily edited, embed video, inset ads or any kind of advertisement.


9. The7

The 7The7 is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme. It has 630+ design customization options.  It has a design wizard, design library with sharp look and 100% of screen estate on every device. The theme can be used in as many versions as you want: as a landing page, one page site, blog or you can customize your own.  It is compatible with the most popular WordPres Plugins, optimized for SEO (including SEO plugins “All on One SEO” and “SEO by Yoast” ).

The7 is 100% translation ready and fully compatible with WPML.  It is design to be accessed from every mobile. You can buy this great theme without hesitating. It’s very popular with thousands of sales every year. If you want to be unique even if the Theme is popular you can do it by customize the theme, layouts as you want.


8. Flatsome

FlatsomeFlatsome is a responsive WooCommerce Theme inspired by eCommerce design.  It is a perfect theme for your online shop and your customers will be in love with this amazing and beautiful theme.  It is easily updated and customized. It has a Catalog Mode Option with hide cart and checkout functionality.

So if you want to create an online store, don’t think twice. Flatsome is the perfect theme for you. This theme you can use it not only as an online shop, but it is easily customized for any kind of sites.

Flatsome has Retina display, perfect design of sliders and banners, responsive touch screen. It can be used with shop plugins or other eCommerce plugin and adaptive with the latest WordPress. Flatsome is design with last trends of online store. Enjoy this wonderful theme. 🙂


  1. Salient

Salient ThemeSalient is a responsive Multi-Purpose Theme.  As a Premium theme Salient offer impressive attraction to our site. One of the advantages of this theme is the “video background” design, that will help you get more traffic. The color theme is attractive, the font writing is clean and the general style has very nice looking.

The portfolio of the Salient is not so big. You are restricted to choose between a small amount of demos, but the good thing is that you can always create your personalize project, your site in the different way from the demos. Good luck with this theme. 🙂


  1. Bridge

Bridge ThemeBridge is a creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.

As a Premium theme Bridge is the Theme that you have dreamed for a long time. I really like and adore this theme. It is perfect if you want to create more audience and get more traffic to your site, because it has suitable functions for your niche, keyword niche to target and increase the audience.

Bridge has retina display accessible from any device, phone or any browser.  If you want to create and start an online store, you can do it. WordPress theme of the Bridge is suitable for any kind of eCommerce plugins, for any kind of code or design. One of the greatest things in this theme is the translator options that can help you create a non-English website. The translator is suitable for any WordPress pack.

Bridge has a huge portfolio with unlimited layouts and customization functions. It’s very simple to use for SEO and google keywords and able to generate more audience. Bridge is design with WordPress HTML5 CCS3 and jQuery coding.


  1. X / The Theme


X ThemeX Theme: easy name to remember, hard to forget. Most of the people who have bought this theme say that they will never change to another theme or buy another theme. It’s absolutely amazing!!.

But what makes perfect this theme? I would say that everything, from the beginning to the end. 🙂 X has multi designs and the company that has produce the theme has come with revolutions and new modern idea according to the design and functionality.

The company has developed a tracking system that notify when someone is using the same theme as you. In this case the company doesn’t want the 2 sites look exactly the same. This is what X Theme offer: multi functional options, complex site features, customize menus header and footer, flexible siderbars, space for banners without the need of the codes.

X Theme is fully responsive and easy to use from any browser, Smartphone’s or devices. This is the best sites that loads very fast and has the highest performance on operating system. The sales of this theme are increasing day by day. If you want to try this theme you will not be regret.


  1. Be Theme


Be ThemeBe Theme Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme. You can buy this theme at ThemeForest for less than $60. This theme offers more than 44 demos with a huge portfolio. This theme can be used in different forms in any version that you want.  If you want to buy this theme: go for it! It’s perfect for any kind of projects.

There are thousands and thousands idea you can use to improve your site with Be Theme.  The sidebars can be customized very easy, insert any kind of widget. This theme has the Grayscale effect and a great collection of icons. Even if you don’t have experience with online themes, with this one, it will be very easy. You can start downloading the package and purchase the theme from now.


  1. Newspaper

Newspaper ThemeNewspaper is a WordPress theme design to work as a news site or as blog site or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo.  It is one of the best templates you can use as a forum. This theme is very elegant, simple, fast and easy to use.  In my opinion I can say that it is absolutely the best theme up to the market. Prove it and you will be very happy.

You will be surprised by the power and elegance of this wonderful theme. There are no words to describing this theme.  With the Newspaper theme, your site will look more alive than ever. It’s the best theme that can encourage the creativity based in the portfolio. Newspaper is highly customizable and it can be used with a unique design as newspaper or blog.

There are several portfolio styles with different demos. If you find difficult to create the site from scratch, you can install demos that are fully customize. The only thing you can do in start posting and creating articles immediately.


  1. Enfold

Enfold ThemeEnfold is a Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme.  It’s classified the theme premium number 2 most sold and with high positive reviews in the market. You will understand why if you install this theme. This theme is up to the perfect. It’s highly professional and super functionally for any kind of options.

The design of Enfold is very responsive. It can be open and uploaded with high speed on any device. Most of free wordpress theme is that they are hard to use, hard to customize and uploading problems from huge site capacity. With this unique theme you will not have those kinds of problems.

There is no need to force and to start everything from zerou. You can ask technical support to that for you and you can install prepare demos and after that start uploading your content.

If you want to read more about this theme, please click the picture below.


  1. Avada

Avada ThemeAvada, as a Responsive Multi Purpose Theme until now is ranked as The Number ONE Premium Theme with the largest number of sales and the best customers reviews.  If you buy Avada Theme you will see that it is clean, flexible and with powerful options. It has an incredible feature packed update and it is one of the easiest themes to use. Avada is build with HTML5 &CSS3, has a lot of positive reviews and awesome features.


Avada is a great theme that works for any kind of sites and in any form you want. With avada you can create landing page, blogs, magazines mix sites or create your own personalize site. See the portfolio of Avada and you will be surprised. There are thousands of sites out there that are working with Avada.

As the TOP Premium WordPress Theme Avada comes with premium sliders. If you want to customize your site you will be able to choose from 5 different header design, menus, and footer. If you can’t do it by yourself you can contact customer service, see the video tutorial, register to the forum and ask for help, submit a ticket to the support center or you can ask them to do it for you. It not big deal what problem you have, because it will be resolved.


Avada is great if you want to create an online shop. It works perfect with ecommerce plugins. So if you to buy Avada Theme I recommend you not to think twice. It is perfect if you want to make the difference in the market. 🙂




If you like one of this Premium Themes you can find them on ThemeForest.  Start searching right now and decide what kind of site you want. If you have opinion about those Premium themes or if there are other wonderful Premium Theme up to the market, you are free to give more suggestion in the comment below.