The Gravity of the Product: The gravity number is important because it shows the popularity of the product over time. Every time the product is sold or a new affiliate joins and  uses the link the gravity of the program will change.

What Gravity to choose?

If we study better all the products we will see that different products have different gravity. Of course we may ask: what Gravity to choose?

There are a lot of products with gravity less than “5”. This gravity tells us there are only few affiliates who have sold this product, or very few affiliates have tried to sell this product.  It means there is something wrong with this products, it may be probably because it is new, or it is not favored.

When a gravity level is “5-20”, it is better for you to you check if it is new product or not. When is it? If it is a new product, you have to study it better and to see if it is probable to be popular or not.

When gravity is level “20” it may be a good product to sell it.

Products with gravity between 20 and 100 are suitable product to be sold. They are enough popular to customers, and HERE, is when you can make a lot of money. You don’t have much competition in market through affiliates, you have good change to triumph in internet market.  You just have to choose one product that can pay you more per selling.

There are also products with gravity more than “100”. Be careful when you choose to promote those products. Here you have a lot of competition. You have to invest a lot if you want to make money.

Clickbank Marketplace


Here is a picture with the gravity 20.76 and there is a declining tendency with 2.69, that means that this product is projected to be sold with less in the future.  Selling this product you can earn 13.16$ / sell.


If we click on the button “VISIT WEBSITE” , we can go to the official website that sell the product.  And if we click in the button to buy the product (just to make a prove) it will open the Billing page, linked with ClickBank, and there we can see the real price of the product.

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