Email marketing is the most effective way to create communication for conversion of making sales. Email marketing has a good ROI, which it means, for every email that you send to the subscribers, you have a lot of change to make sales.

You can choose one of these companies to make the service of the email marketing.  I have not ranked in the order of quality, I do not want to do marketing, but until now I have worked with get response, but you can choose whatever company service you want.

You can choose one of these companies for your email marketing:


Tricks for more subscribers


  1. Use a good Service for email marketing


There are a lot of service, companies that provides email marketing, and it depends on you, which one of them do you want to choose.  I recommend you to see the reviews of the companies that I have listen above before purchasing one of them.

Don’t forget to see how easy auto responders are, email marketing, newsletters, email design and a lot of others elements that make difference between companies.


One of the things that most of the people forget is to track their email. Imagine a person who sends everyday messages to different people, and he do day by day, but without knowing which of this people is more interested with the product. This is very bad, because in this way you are losing money. For that you have to track your mailing. You have to know which of the subscribers click your email. For that you have to see if the company offer tracking email.


  1. Don’t send spam Message


See if the company that offers this service is licensed or not.  There are a lot of companies that say that there are licensed, but not all them are. You can discover by seeing if you email goes to the inbox, or a spam.

Also if you don’t wont for the message to end in the spam, every time you send the email, check before you send it, don’t enter to much image to it, do not overload it etc.


  1. Be careful what you write to the email


People want to spend less time reading emails. The get bored from long text, so I recommend you to write a short, concentrate text for you email. Also don’t forget to enter your link (affiliate link).  Your message should be short (not to long), sweet, understandable, clear.

Focus you message on ”call to action” button. When the people click on call to action button, it will open the page of the product that you want to sale.


email marketing

Why to choose email marketing to make money online

Email in internet marketing is a key that is holding up and raising the marketing options day by day.  It is very important for your online business.

It is not as much expensive as other marketing are. It is easy to use and understand. It is not dead or old fashioned; it is growing day by day.


  1. It is not expensive


Email marketing is one the cheapest way of marketing. It has the best return on investment up to 28% ROI.  Imagine how this % is in big companies with big email strategically!

  1. Simple and fast


Imagine sending thousands of email every day, every clients that you have. It is impossible, isn’t it? With the system of the company, you can send all the people, in the same time one email. And the good of all of this is that you can send email to the people every time a day you think is good to do marketing.

Many consumers check their email via a mobile device every time it is possible.


3.  It is effective


Email Marketing creates positive results. It makes consumers to take action.

Emails increase web traffic, encourage consumers not only to read the message, but also to click the link and purchase the product.