Work Online with US

From NOW Verve Magg, has decided to employ people online by encourage everyone, in any place of the world to be part of our team.

If you want to make money online, work online we will give you give the change from NOW working as a freelancer and get paid very high according to our PAY System.




What work can I do online for your company?

Up now you can work as a post writer, news writer or re-writer. For new Job we will give more announcement.

What writing can I do?

You will write posts or articles, with the theme that we will give you.

How many times a week can I work?

You can work as many times a week as you want. Depends on how much money do you want to make.

How will I get Paid?

You will get paid for every post/article that you write. Be Careful: we will not pay you if the material is copied. So we want 100% copy-writing original article.

How money can I make with writing material?

As a serious company we want serious people and hard worker. We will pay $10 per post/article. The post or article most contain up to 700 words with at least 2 HD photo/picture.

When will i get paid?

You will get paid with at least 3 business day after you have deliver your job to us.

Can I apply for more then 1 post writing in a day?

Of course. If you want to write more than 1 post/article you can do it by informing us. You can write from 1 to a max 5 posts/articles day, and make $50/day online! 🙂

Which are the forms of payment?

We only prefer PayPal as the most secure payment online.

When will I start working?

You can start working from NOW. Contact our team at and after the approval (usually it takes 6-10 hours) you will join our team and start working.